The next coordination meeting on the "Ecological Education in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine" project took place at university Zilina (Slovakia) from April 7 to April 12, 2015.


Over 50 representatives of universities and research institutions from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine as well as the representatives of universities and research institutions from Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Latvia participated in the workshop.



The programme of the meeting was very informative and rich in content. The representatives of national coordinators from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine presented training courses and their descriptions for different target groups of all project partners. Altogether there were about 30 presentations. In their instructive comments and remarks project experts (Dr. J. Noeke, Dr. J. Benders) determined further steps for the development and implementation of the courses.
Meeting plan included several excursions to the laboratories of Zilina University.


Coordination workshop on administration and management held by Dr. G. Kaufmann and Dr. V. Nikitsin and the discussion of project work plan allowed to determine the tasks for the next stages of the project, the responsibilities of each project participant, and to outline the programme of the next meeting (October 2015, Kyiv, Ukraine).














The discussion of EACEA 05/2015 interim report was intended to determine the stage of each partner in achieving the main goal of the project – to ensure continuing environmental education in partner countries.

The main task set by project coordinators is deepening and further development of training courses for teachers of colleges and vocational education institutions and school teachers taking into account the specific characteristics of each project partner.

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Vitebsk state technological university

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Republican institute of the higher school

Belarusian state agricultural academy




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Pereyaslov-Khmelnytsky state teachers training university